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Cultural sites

Art galleries, cinema and theatres - Carouge is full of cultural places.

Numerous art galleries feature magnificent exhibitions throughout the year. The city is also known for its three theatres as well as for its independent cinema the Cinéma Bio.


The city of Carouge counts no less than three theatres within its territory, each with its own specificities.

Les Amis, Musiquethéâtre (Place du Temple 8, 022 342 28 74), a small theatre hall that for 20 years has been offering a varied programme that is eagerly awaited by a great number of regulars. Attention: book your seats quickly, the performances are often booked out!

The Théâtre Alchimic makes a point of encouraging local artists so as to promote our culture by collaborating with excellent authors, producers and actors.

The Théâtre de Carouge is an institution with an international profile. The many not-to-be missed plays – both classic and original –staged there, coupled with talented actors and producers, such as the late Jean Terzief, explain this resounding success.


The Cinéma Bio  offers a varied programme and a refreshing alternative to the multiplex cinemas. With ‘auteur’ films, performances for children and film recordings of great operas, this cinema focuses on singularity and consequently attracts an audience wishing to experience something other than the inevitable blockbusters.


The Museum of Carouge features several exhibitions throughout the year, as well as guided tours and workshops for children.
Discover its topicality, its exhibition programme, its history and practical information here !


The Museum of Carouge offers three temporary exhibitions per year. Thanks to original programming, it highlights the richness of both the local heritage and contemporary creation. Situated in the heart of Carouge, this institution on a human scale is a place of pleasure and discovery for adults and children alike.

 Opened in 1984 following a generous donation from the painter Émile Chambon, the Museum of Carouge is located in the Maison Montanrouge, a house with a garden built in 1789 in the style typical of the Sardinian city. Its exhibitions focus on ceramics and the fine arts which constitute the core of its collections. The Museum of Carouge collaborates with artists on a regular basis. Firmly anchored in the life of the city, its reputation goes far beyond the regional frontiers.

 The exhibitions of the Museum of Carouge are characterised by their inventive approach: retrospectives plunge the public into a singular creative universe, while collective exhibitions explore a motif or a period. Each year the Museum offers a stimulating insight on a theme of the Printemps carougeois (Carouge spring), a festival of the municipality. In addition it organises an international biannual ceramics competition, of which it displays the finest creations in the autumn on the occasion of the Parcours Céramique Carougeois (Carouge Ceramics Tour).

 In parallel the Museum of Carouge offers cultural outreach activities for schools as well as the general public. It also publishes works on its collections or on the history, singular and surprising, of Carouge. It takes part in numerous events, including Art Carouge, Geneva Museum Night and International Museum Day.


Opening times (during exhibitions)
Tuesday to Sunday, from 2 pm to 6 pm
Free admission
Accessible for people with impaired mobility
Audio-guides in French and English
Bookshop area
Musée de Carouge
Place de Sardaigne 2
1227 Carouge
+41 22 307 93 80
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The libraries of Carouge are split over several locations in the commune. Reading, laughing, sharing and discovering: that’s what they have in store for you!

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